Small Bites

Hummus/ 5
served w/ naan add veggies/ 1
Liptauer/ 6
ricotta cheese spread, cornichons,
speck & pumpernickel bread
Deviled Eggs/ 5
Bacon Wrapped Dates/ 5
w/ pistachios
Truffle Parmesan Popcorn/ 4


Chicken Wings/ 8
spicy buffalo or thai style
Charcuterie/ 15
chef’s selection of cured meats w/
pickled fennel, delouis old fashioned
mustard, cornichons & country bread
Truffle Onion Soup/ 8
garnished w/ mushroom hash
Asian BBQ Ribs/ 10
smoked to order
Tuna Sashimi/ 15
jalapenos & teriyaki mayo on a tortilla
Arancini/ 8
fried mushroom risotto w/
tomatoe fondue & basil oil
Steak Tartare/ 10
w/ bearnaise vinaigrette &
country bread
Ricotta Gnudi/ 9
(gnocchi made from cheese)
wild mushroom ragout & fresh arugula
PEI Mussels/ 14
chorizo, onion, pequillo pepper
broth & garlic bread
Thomas Hooker
Battered Fish & Chips/ 9
as entree/ 16
Grilled Clams Casino/ 11
bell pepper, onion, smoked bacon
& baby greenss

Everything Green

Caesar Salad/ 6
w/ a toad in the hole/ 10
(country bread, fontina & egg yolk)

Bibb Lettuce Salad/ 6
w/ pickled fennel, tomatoes, red onion & a champagne vinaigrette

Beat & Endive Salad/ 8
watercress, apples, orange oil, gorgonzola & red wine vinaigrette 

Bacon Lardon Salad/ 8
frisee, a poached egg over brioche & a warm bacon dressing
add chicken/ 6 add salmon/ 8
add shrimp/ 8 add steak/ 9

Between the Buns

all burgers served with fries & 'slaw (except salmon burger)
also available "in the grass"
(no bun, over a bed of arugula)

Plain Jane Burger/ 12
lettuce, tomato, onion, cheddar cheese & a pickle

The Blue Cheese Burger/ 14
smoky blue cheese, new hampshire bacon & bartlett pears

Au Poivre Burger/ 15
caramelized onions, crushed black peppercorns,
cognac cream sauce & grain mustard

'50's Style Patty Melt/ 13
beef patty served on rye w/caramelized onion & american cheese

Adrienne's Cloak & Dagger/ 12
a reuben w/out the cheese on a pretzel croissant
add swiss cheese/ 1

Miso Glazed Salmon Burger/ 15
kim chi, cucumbers and radish sprouts w/ a field green salad

Two Handed "BLTA"/ 12
new hampshire bacon, lettuce, tomato & avocado on country bread

Grilled Veggie Sandwich/ 12
eggplant, zucchini squash, bell peppers, pepperoncini & pesto on a brioche bun


Gorgonzola, Fontina, Brie & Pear/ 15
w/ an onion spread, balsamic reduction, arugula & walnut oil

The "Carlee"/ 14
fontina, mozz, crimini mushrooms, bacon & caramelized onions

Margarita/ 13

Big Bites

Truffle Mac 'N Cheese/ 15
add lobster/ 8

Coq au Vin 2.0 / 17
chicken thighs in a burgundy wine stew w/ carrots, onions & bacon

18oz. Seared Cowboy Cut Ribeye/ 38
potato puree & a red wine shallot reduction

4 Cheese Lasagna/ 16
fontina, parmesan, mozzarella & taleggio w/ a meat sauce

Seared Salmon/ 24
baby bok choy, parsnip puree, watercress, & shitake vinaigrette

Austrian Style Flat Iron Steak/ 24
creamed spinach, baby root vegetables & apple horseradish compote

Trofie a la Vodka/ 17
w/ chicken, pancetta, caramelized onions, tomatoes, peas & basil

The "Heart Attack" Burger/ 49
21 day aged domestic kobe beef, foie gras, black truffles, brioche bread & a demi-glace dipping sauce

Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken/ 17
w/ yukon gold potato puree

Thai Spiced Head-On Prawns/ 28
cannellini beans, escarole, tomatoes & a pan sauce

Apple Glazed Pork Confit/ 23
pork belly, creamy polenta, roasted brussel sprouts, speck and granny smith apples

On the Side 5

Yukon Gold Potato Puree

Jalapeno 'Slaw

Parmesan Fries

Bacon Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Tempura Fried Pickles

Sweet Potato Fries